Crematorium for Herne Bay area

About the Development

Site Location

The site is situated within boundary of Canterbury District Council, just south of the A299 Thanet Way, c. 6 miles to the north of Canterbury and c. 2 miles south of Herne Bay. The proposed site is nestled off Owls Hatch Road in a quiet and tranquil setting.

Site Description

The site is made up of two defined areas, the southern area of the site has historically been used as horse paddocks, and the north section a wooded area. The site is relatively flat and is set in a low-lying position within the wider landscape, with well screened boundaries and existing mature screening. Substantially planting will be added to the site, to further enhance the existing wooded area. The site is bounded on the west by a large solar farm, by mature woodland to the south and north, and to the west are agricultural fields.

Our Proposal

The Crematorium has been designed in manner that will allow it to gently settle into the landscape. The building itself is of modern design and incorporates elements of local brick to match the style of the area.

The Crematorium is sited in the central of the site, utilising the widest part of the site to allow for building, carparking and circulation space. The remainder of the site is then opened for use as memorial gardens and a place of reflection.

The building will be a modestly sized single storey building of only 494m2 internally and will house a 98-seat chapel; a waiting room; accessible public toilets; administrative offices and crematory.

Every last detail of the build and landscaping has been designed in such a way that allows family and friends to pay their last respects in a dignified and peaceful way.


Access to the site will be taken from Bullockstone Road, using the existing access to the north of the site. Once in the car parking area the funeral cortege fork off to a dedicated access way leading to the Chapel. Vehicles not in the cortege will carry on to the main car park, which is positioned to the front of the building, where they will find 85 spaces (46 in the main car park and 39 in the overflow) with 4 accessible bays situated adjacent to the port cochere.

Almost all funerals (around 95%) start from between 10:30 am and 3:30pm Monday to Friday. This is outside of peak traffic hours, and so the crematorium would not conflict with or add to rush hour traffic in the area. Funerals will be at intervals of 1 hour, allowing plenty of time for family and friends to arrive and leave without crossing with other funeral parties.

As part of the access works, a right turn lane will be provided to allow safe access to the site.


The crematorium would include the most advanced filtration and abatement equipment, meaning there would be no smoke or odours. An Air Quality Assessment Report will be submitted with the application, demonstrating that the proposal will satisfy stringent environmental regulations. Westerleigh prides itself in meeting, and going beyond, the stringent environmental regulations that are in place. Before opening, Westerleigh will secure a Permit from the Environmental Health Officer which will require periodic and continuous monitoring of the crematorium.

Our proposals will enhance existing habitats and will including the planting of new native trees and shrubs, and enhancing boundary hedgerows.


The vision for the landscape setting of the new crematorium is driven by the desire to create a peaceful and reflective landscape. The Landscape proposals explore opportunities to draw the wooded character of surrounding areas into the site to significantly enhance the ecological and visual qualities of the space.

The vision and objectives of the landscape plan is based on the following elements:

  • The promotion of a natural and rural character to the new crematorium, referencing the language of the surrounding woodland.
  • The introduction of a broad range of diverse vegetation across the site including extensive areas of native perennial wildflower meadow.
  • An inspiring and high-quality landscape to the immediate setting of the Crematoria, sensitively integrating car parking and access routes, including the inclusion of an Arrival Garden and Sanctuary Garden.
  • The creation of a tranquil wider setting to the Crematoria, provides a range of peaceful spaces for visitors to reflect, including a memorial woodland garden and an expansive Memorial Woodland with opportunities to plant trees in memory of loved ones.
  • Enhancing the existing hedgerows and mature boundary planting, with new native trees and understorey planting.

The site is well screened in the existing landscape of mature woodlands and hedgerows and the development will not be visible from wider surroundings. Significant amounts of additional planting will be added as part of the landscaping, which will not only reinforce the existing mature boundaries, but add further structure, interest, and biodiversity inside the crematorium site.

Need for an additional Crematorium​

There is a compelling need for additional crematoria capacity to serve the people of Canterbury district including Herne Bay, and the surrounding communities of north of Canterbury.

As the existing operator of Barham Crematorium we know that the existing crematoria are extremely busy, especially in the winter months and that having regard to projected demographic changes a new additional crematorium located around Herne Bay to serve the area north of Canterbury would be of significant benefit .

The proposed site would serve a catchment of around 140,000 people, which equates to around 1,000 cremations per year. The proposed site would for the first time also provide a crematorium within a 30-minute cortege drivetime for c.90,000 people. Not only is there a demonstrable need for a new crematorium now, the population and death rate forecasts are set to increase dramatically over the coming years, which will add significant pressure to the existing crematoria provision, which will only intensifies in the winter months.

The new crematorium and memorial park will offer a pleasant setting with a beautiful, landscaped grounds, providing the space and time for a dignified and respectful service.

Benefits and Feedback

This facility will provide a much-needed crematorium and memorial gardens, which will for the first time will provide a crematorium for c 90,000 people within a 30 minute cortege drive time. Not only will this facility fulfil the existing shortfall in provision, it will also cater for the increasing population over the coming years and relieve pressure on Barham Crematorium and Margate Crematorium, offering a choice of crematorium for the area.

The building is of high-quality design, which will offer the best service to the bereaved. The building utilises modern technologies which seek to minimise our carbon footprint.

The site is well screened and with extensive additional planting, the site will not be intrusive in the landscape.


Your feedback regarding Herne Bay Crematorium Development is very important to us, so please take the time to fill in the form below with any comments you have.

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Your feedback is very important to us, so please take the time to fill in the form below with any comments you have.

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